An evaluation of the concept of the panopticon for understanding media descriptions of femininity by

Course descriptions anth 1010 introduction to anthropology this course surveys and explains the cultural, linguistic and biological legacy of humankind, from antiquity to the present, using the research tools of anthropology. Feminist scholars who take up this conceptualization of power treat the account of self-survedlance offered by the model of the panopticon as a compelling explanatory paradigm for women's acquiescence to, and collusion with, patriarchal standards of femininity. The concept of femininity is described by bartky (1997:139) as a “set-up”, a disciplinary trap enabled through the visibility of female beauty portrayed through media such as magazines and advertising as well as public or institutional discourse such as those concerning health.

Hpsc-x 370 science and gender (3 cr) case s&h the role of science and technology in constructions of masculinity and femininity from 1600 to the present historical and philosophical analysis of the interaction between science and technology and ideologies of gender. The fractal makes other types of descriptions possible exactly because it confuses our concepts of scale and being, without replacing them the fractal does not give us anything to hold onto in turn, this opens up for an interesting empirical sensitivity towards the complexity of situated and mundane events. An evaluation of the concept of the panopticon for understanding media descriptions of femininity by michael foucault 875 words 3 pages a reflection on the subjects in which i had success and difficulties 4,761 words. Media constructions of extreme female thinness: association to its constructions of extreme female thinness studying contemporary media constructions of femininity requires an approach that is sensitive to the contradictory elements of discourses found within and across media texts.

Foucault used the concept of the panopticon to explore control operative in modern twentieth-century institutions such as prisons, asylums, schools and factories, in which the few were watching the many. Running head: the perfect prison for children 1 the perfect prison for children: elementary school as a panopticon stephen henry angelo state- comm 6381 the perfect prison for children 2 introduction every elementary/primary school student welcomed into the wide open doors of learning is also forced into the damp cell of socialization. Comparing social media to foucauldian panopticon has been done, as i'm sure you know (westlake 2008) what tends to get left out, however, is that the panopticon is not about mutual surveillance in and of itself as a collective endeavour. Explores the practice of effective leadership, understanding how leadership roles require different skills during times of change or crisis, and in different contexts (intercollegiate, professional, sport for development, etc. Femininity this inadequacy takes on great significance and the modernization of patriarchal power” and women who no longer adhere to standard beauty regimes are accused of letting themselves go.

From the things we search, the websites we login to, the items we purchase, the internet already has a highly mechanized way of understanding our private lives the internet has become the ultimate panopticon, the diagram of a mechanism of power reduced to its most ideal form. Students will develop an understanding of the complex functions of the mass media industries and an understanding of the aesthetic, emotional, cognitive, and moral choices involved in interpreting media messages. Definition: power is a key sociological concept with several different meanings and considerable disagreement surrounding them the most common definition comes from max weber, who defined it as the ability to control others, events, or resources to make happen what one wants to happen in spite of.

One of the best descriptions we can find to make sense of it is provided by the contemporary philosopher slavoj zizek, who uses the concept of ‘typical’ to define the point of articulation between general ideas and everyday experience in fact, if we look at hegemonic ideological models, such as gender models of masculinity and femininity. Social media as a resource for understanding security experiences: a qualitative analysis of #password tweets we present an evaluation of panopticon, a video surrogate system, as an online. A clear understanding of such words necessary sex is a biological term that refers to physical place however, popularization of ideas leads to the persistence of such concepts masculinity and femininity refer to attitudes and behaviors associated with a particular sex according to accepted standards, individuals possessing particular. Abstract in present study we investigated possible gender differences in how 357 secondary-school students valued the importance of masculine and feminine characteristics within sport and physical education and how their ratings of values were related to their participation in gendered sport. The concept of control is central to both of these foucauldian frameworks, working firstly as a panoptic, constant surveillance of others and self, and, secondly, as a more positive requirement of self-care and subjectivity ultimately needed in achieving individuality.

An evaluation of the concept of the panopticon for understanding media descriptions of femininity by

Topics include the examination of the basic concepts and measures in statistical analysis, probability theory, statistical inference, and bivariate and multivariate analyses, correlational relationships, t-tests, anova, and regression the course is intended to provide students with a general understanding of the theory and purpose of. “media representations of femininity are restrictive, unrealistic, focused on physical beauty of a type that is virtually unattainable,” which can influence a girl’s perception of womanhood (durham, 1999, p 193. An important, sophisticated and complex monograph both the theoretical analysis and the empirical findings constitute major contributions to cross-cultural value analysis and the cross-cultural study of work motivations and organizational dynamics. The panopticon began, as a concept to allow a smaller number of managers to oversee the activities of a large and unskilled workforce it is a circular building which has a tall observation tower in the centre, surrounded by empty space and an outer wall which is made up of cells.

Critically reading and understanding the articles and how to tie the concepts together synthesizing the various concepts and results of the review remember, a literature review is not simply a summary of the articles but is a synthesis of the many ideas and concepts presented in the various articles. Image 3,4, and 5, mj(love), accessed 22/01/08 the myspace profiles examined are commonly decorated with what i call dreamgirl icons, after rebecca schneider’s (1997) conceptualisation of the ‘commodity dreamgirl’ seen so often in advertising and other forms of visual culture. +wgs 130 cr3 women's diversity: race, class, and culture this course explores the diversity of women's experience in america as it has been affected by race, ethnicity, class, and other factors, and the effects of gender on women of different groups. The three books under review examine central issues on the political and intellectual agendas of the queer community each, respectively, gives a close reading to problems of domestic life, to paradoxes of gender, and to the concept of sexual orientation itself.

Human culture, as a unique meaning and information system transmitted across generations, allows the group to meet basic needs of survival, pursue happiness and well-being, and derive meaning from life. The application of michel foucault’s philosophy in the problem externalizing discourse of michael white abstract this paper examines how michael white’s theoretical and practice orientation has been influenced by the work of french philosopher/historian michel foucault.

An evaluation of the concept of the panopticon for understanding media descriptions of femininity by
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